The Edible Bracket 2011

Last year's winners of the MNCAAPG Best Bracket contest are back. This March Madness season, we will be documenting foods associated with the competing schools. Consider it March Madness, Top Chef Edition.

University of Florida Gators (Gainesville, FL): GATORade Cocktail

florida gatorade

To honor the University of Florida Gators, we did something straightforward, delicious, and alcoholic — Gatorade cocktails. Gatorade was INVENTED at University of Florida, hence the name and hence the super suitability of this drink to represent the Gators.

Here is a little history from

In early summer of 1965, a University of Florida assistant coach sat down with a team of university physicians and asked them to determine why so many of his players were being affected by heat and heat related illnesses.

The researchers — Dr. Robert Cade, Dr. Dana Shires, Dr. H. James Free and Dr. Alejandro de Quesada — soon discovered two key factors that were causing the Gator players to ‘wilt’: the fluids and electrolytes the players lost through sweat were not being replaced, and the large amounts of carbohydrates the players’ bodies used for energy were not being replenished.

The researchers then took their findings into the lab, and scientifically formulated a new, precisely balanced carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage that would adequately replace the key components lost by Gator players through sweating and exercise. They called their concoction ‘Gatorade’.

A little Fruit Punch Gatorade, a little Flor de Cana rum, and you have yourself a celebration in a glass. Kind of like what Florida would be for us cold-bound, Winter-exhausted, sun-starved New Yorkers. Laura enjoys it.

laura drinks florida gatorade