The Edible Bracket 2011

Last year's winners of the MNCAAPG Best Bracket contest are back. This March Madness season, we will be documenting foods associated with the competing schools. Consider it March Madness, Top Chef Edition.

U. Wisconsin Badgers (Madison, WI): Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese

Search “Wisconsin cheese” on Google, and you will get 176,000 hits.  Cheese is popular in Wisconsin, so much so that up there they call themselves cheeseheads, and wear adorable foam wedges of cheese to football games (maybe to basketball games too?). 

Unfortunately, in New York City, Wisconsin cheese is a bit harder to come by.  We had to examine several different types of cheese for their states of origin before finding the cheese that could properly represent the Wisconsin Badgers.

Grilled Cheese

2 slices of breadSeveral slices of (Wisconsin) cheddarSliced tomato (optional)Butter

Butter one side of each slice of bread.  Place cheese slices between bread slices to make a sandwich, making sure the buttered side of the bread is on the outside of the sandwich.  (Add tomato to sandwich, if desired.  I always desire tomato.)  Place sandwich in frying pan over medium-low heat until outsides of sandwich are golden brown, and cheese has melted. Here’s proof that this cheese did actually come from Wisconsin.

cheese label